EVA Deck Grip

Give your boat a new lease of life and improve your comfort and safety.

EVA Deck Grip kits are available from your Goodall Design dealer or directly from Head Office. 

Not to be taken on by the technically challenged, this kit includes both port and starboard sections and glue needed (glue may not be available if shipped direct from Goodall Design).



  • Short haired paint roller x2
  • Hand tools for removing fittings (8mm spanner, phillips head screw driver, shifter)
  • Sharp blades
  • Paper towel and rags
  • Sewing machine oil (or other this oil)
  • Mineral turpentine
  • Acetone
  • Eva Deck grip (port and starboard)
  • Contact adhesive (1lt per hull)


1. De-beam the boat and remove all deck fittings (record their location for your reference later). If the chain plates (eye bolts) do not easily remove with a hand tool, DO NOT force them, you can stretch the EVA over them.

2.Clean and fill the fitting holes with epoxy (Viper) or gel coat (C2) - it will be almost impossible to find and reuse these after the EVA is on.

3. *Optional* Sand the old grip of the gunwale in front of the main beam. The EVA will not cover it this whole area - the current grip will be seen from underneath if this is not done. Begin with a 240 grit wet sand paper and move through 400, 600, 800, 1200, 1500 and 2000 to acheive the best results. 

4. Rub 120 to 240 grit sand paper over the deck that you will be gluing to - just enough to remove the gloss and take the edge off the current grip. Wipe down with acetone.



5. Mask 5mm outside the old grip. The glue will clean off with acetone or mineral turpentine and you want to ensure glue is right to the edge of both the EVA and hull, otherwise it will lift. 

6. Mask along tramp track to ensure glue does not get inside the tube.


7. Mask the center case carpets (photo below). It is easiest to mask the whole area and trim to the carpet edge.


Take some reference marks of the grip areas and the transom to use when trimming this area.

8. Roll 2 layers of glue on both the deck and back side of the EVA in alternating turns. Begin with the deck as it will dry quicker on the EVA and you want both sides to be dry at the same time. Take care to do this evenly, as the more evenly this is done, the less likely you are to get bubbles in the EVA.

9. Make sure the glue is touch dry - the EVA will not bond onto any wet areas and will lift causing a bubble. While waiting for the glue to become touch dry, peel off all masking tape around the outside. DO NOT remove the center case carpet tape.

10. The EVA is put on from the outside gunwale across to the tramp track. This ensures a nice straight finish line for the grip. Be careful aligning the EVA. You will only get one attempt - once the two glued surfaces touch, they will not come apart. Hold the EVA vertically and alight the edge 3 to 5mm bellow the old grip line. This is easier if one end is aligned first and touched down and the other end is pulled tight and then touched into position.

11. While keeping the main EVA section off the deck, rub down the gunwale and strips for the foredeck and the rear deck. Keeping tension on the top corners, slowly work the EVA down across the deck, working from the outside gunwale. If you have not removed the side chain plates, you will have to cut and stretch the EVA over them.

12. It will not naturally go down smooth everywhere -  but the EVA will stretch and compress and should go flat with almost no work.

13. Trim all excess EVA with a thin sharp blade. Use the beam pads and tramp track as blade guides. Refer to your reference marks for the transom area. Take your time when trimming the center case carpet area. Tip: lubricating the blade with some sewing machine oil will make the blade cut much nicer and easier to work with.

14. Check for any “bubbles”. These are sections where the glue was still a little wet and the EVA has not stuck. Most of these can be pressed down by firmly hitting them with the palm of your hand. You should continue to check the boat periodically until the bubbles do not return.

15. Re-attach deck fittings (add gel coat to the fitting screws to ensure boat is sealed). Re-beam and let sit for 24 hours before use.