It is important to have you boat as stiff as possible. Make sure that the beam bolts are tight (no more than 20N/m). Keeping the striker strap and tramp tight will ensure the best platform stiffness. Reseating the beam pads will also improve the boats stiffness, see next.

Reseating Beam Pads

After years of use, the contact between the beam and the beam pad can deteriorate, resulting in reduced platform stiffness. To reseat your pads you will need; white gelcoat, masking tape, mould release wax, sandpaper, acetone and a 50mm paintbrush.

Follow these steps (do one beam at a time so that you have enough time before the gelcoat gels):

  1.       Remove the beam by undoing the beam bots and pulling the beam out.
  2.       Briefly sand the beam pad to rough the surface and thoroughly clean beam and beam pad with solvent.
  3.       Wax the beam anywhere it touches the beam pad or gelcoat might touch it (follow the waxing instructions on the packaging).
  4.       Mask up the edge and area around the beam pad where you don’t want gelcoat to be
  5.       Mix gelcoat and brush a 2mm thick layer onto the beam pad leaving a 10mm gap around the bolt holes
  6.       Bolt the beam back into place before gelcoat cures
  7.       Clean off any excess gelcoat with acetone
  8.       Repeat on other beam

By waxing the beams, you should be able to remove them if you need to, however they will be quite stiff to do so.