Rudder Alignment

Correctly aligning the rudders will have a marked effect on the feel and performance of the boat. The simplest method is to support the transom of the boat so that the rudders can be put in the fully down position. Use a tape measure to measure the distance between the leading and trailing edges of the blades at the bottom of the transom. The rudders need to be set up so that they have 2 to 3mm of toe-in; that is, the leading edges of the blades are 2 to 3mm closer together.

To adjust the alignment:

For boats produced before 2012: Unscrew the small screw that holds the end into the tiller cross bar and slide the white nylon spacer in or out as desired. DO NOT slide the rubber flex joint out of the nylon spacer. You will need to drill a small pilot hole into the nylon so you can re-screw the small screws back into the ends.

Boats produced after 2012: Simply wind the adjuster eye in or out as needed. Remember to tighten the lock nut up after adjustment.