Mast Rake

Mast rake affects the trim and balance of the boat. If the boat is sailed with too much mast rake, the boat feels a bit heavy on the rudder and it won’t accelerate out in the gusts. Insufficient mast rake, on the other hand, can induce a feeling of lee helm when sailing the boat.

Generally, lighter crews will carry more rake and heavier crews will carry less rake

The mast rake is measured with the forward trapeze wire. Measure the distance to the attachment point of the forestay (bridle) in the hull. This requires the trapeze to be extended with a rope. Mark the rope where it touches the chain plate

Swing the front trapeze to the back of the boat and take the distance measured to the transom.

The standard setting, for most conditions, is the top screw on the plastic rudder clip.

The total range is between the top of the lower pintle and halfway between the two pintles.