Email after the St Barth Catacup 2023

To all whom it may concern


We take great pride in the remarkable performance exhibited by our Goodall Design sailors during the recent St Barth Catacup. Their exceptional skills on the water were evident throughout the competition. However, we find it necessary to address certain onshore events that require additional clarification.

Following the outstanding performance of two Goodall Design Akurra teams, finishing first and second during the main event's 'le tour de l'ile' on the first day, both teams underwent an additional equipment check at their arrival on the beach. Notably, one Akurra, the green one sailed by Tim and Pierre-Yves, is a charter boat from our fleet, while the other is owned by sailor Emeric.

Despite possessing valid measurement certificates for both boats, a local measurer on-site found, with his measurement tools, that their rudders were slightly under the specified weight. Additionally, they claimed that the green Akurra was equipped with an incorrect corrector weight for the platform, based on the initial measurement certificate and not the latest to this date. The sailors spontaneously added more weight to their boats for the rest of the races.

Regrettably, despite promptly presenting valid measurement certificates, both boats were disqualified from both races on the first day which ultimately denied them a place on the podium. We are deeply disheartened by this situation, particularly considering the unwarranted damage to our reputation. These baseless rumors and accusations deviate from the competitive spirit on the water.

It is crucial to clarify that both boats hold valid F18 measurement certificates sanctioned by the international class's head measurer. The jury finally confirmed the validity of these certificates, and that the right corrector weight was used during the first day. Despite these decisions, they still remain DSQ.

The green Akurra has been sailing for three seasons, participating in numerous international races and passing required measurement checks. Its initial F18 measurement dates back to June 2021, with the most recent certification from August 2023. The other Akurra's measurement is from July 2023.

At no point did we or the sailors have any intention to deceive. On the contrary, we uphold the spirit of the F18 class of fair racing with equal equipment. We strive to provide compliant equipment and took action upon realizing that some of our rudders approached the weight limit. For instance, during the last F18 World Cup 2023 in Travemunde, in public, we rectified the weight of identified rudders before the event's equipment check. Emeric was among the participants in the World Cup with his boat. Additionally, the green Akurra underwent re-measurement before the World Cup raid 2023 in August, meeting the check's requirements.

We advocate for adherence to universally applied rules, understanding that measurement disputes or discrepancies may arise due to variations in measuring equipment. This is precisely why all boats and equipment at a World Championship undergo inspection with standardized measuring tools. This is also why World Sailing wrote in their rules: When a current, properly authenticated certificate has been presented in good faith by an owner who has complied with the requirements of rule 78.1, the final results of a race or series must stand, even though the certificate is later withdrawn. (refer to WS casebook 2021 - 2024, case 57).

However, questioning the legitimacy of the measurement certificates or our integrity is deeply distressing. It creates an impression that more than fair play on the water is at stake.

Now that the competition has concluded, we hope attention can shift back to sailing on the water, honoring the sailors for their remarkable performances.

Should you require further information or have any queries, please feel free to contact me directly.


With sporting regards,