Push Harder

The Goodall Akurra is the racing machine for those who want to push hard. Incorporating wave-piercing technology, the high volume bows provide a stability that allows sailors to drive the boat harder and faster with confidence. The NEW Akurra has more volume in the transom to offer better fore/aft stability for that locked in, safe feel downwind!!

The NEW high aspect rudders further decrease drag while maintaining the amazing low speed manoeuvring for those start line duels. The design nerds have also created a rudder that lifts vertically for easy of beach landings and storage.

Highly precise gybing daggerboards increase upwind angles and decrease hull drag. The NEW Daggerboard Rake system gives full customization to sailors who want to alter the feel and balance of the boat.


Sail Faster

Traveling at high speed is all about drag reduction; and when the Akurra lights up you know you are traveling at high speed. The Akurra rig is designed to balance drag reduction and power generation so you have the best velocity output.

The sealed Aero tramp fully optimises the endplate effect from the decksweeper mainsail. This coupled with the fully battened self-tacking jib, fully integrated wing mast and high aspect spinnaker the Akurra sail plan is a force to behold!!!

Of course if you don't want the Decksweeper, the Akurra is available with a traditional mainsail and boom setup.


Control is the key

The Akurra Control systems put this speed machine firmly in the palm of your hand. The Goodall Design team races these boats every week, and we have a zero tolerance for something not working right, and this shows in the clear simple deck layout. Every line and cleat is exactly where you want for quick and easy control.

Standard fitout includes 16:1 cascading downhaul, 12:1 mainsheet, tapered spin halyards, carbon tiller, adjusteable trapeze and many more racing options.  All this combines to give you ultimate control over your racing machine: the Akurra

Technical data

Designer Greg Goodall & Brett Goodall
Length 5.5 m
Beam 2.6 m
Weight 180 kg
Mast Height 9.1 m
Main Sail 17 m2
Jib 4 m2
Spinnaker 21 m2
Options Goodall Design

Key Features

Hulls - Glass epoxy
Finish - White gelcoat (white as standard, any other color paint as an option)
Foils - Carbon epoxy
Spars, Beams, Mast - Aluminium
Fitout - mostly Harken

Standard Fit-Out



Sail colors

Chicopea tramp

Color coded spinnaker and sail numbers