European distribution

Goodall Design's head office is based in the centre of Europe at the Belgian branch of Goodall Design Worldwide.

Goodall Design - Laurent Verbeeck

Belgium, Knokke-Heist 8300, 't Walletje 36

+32 474 040 935


Philipp Belcredi


Catacare stands for the best care you can get for your catamaran. At Catacare, every cat sailor will find whatever he needs.
We offer you the best service in maintenance, reparations and storage, as well as a wide range of both new and used catamarans, spare parts and accessories.
Over the years, Catacare has built up a lot of knowledge and experience, thanks to a close relationship and cooperation between Laurent Verbeeck and several top sailors around the world!

Catacare - Laurent Verbeeck

Belgium, Knokke 8300, Edward Verheyestraat 21

Repair and storage center
Belgium, Knokke 8300, 't Walletje 36

+32 474 040 935


Spécialiste en catamarans de sports - présent de nombreuses régates.
Sailfast vous offre un service complet pour la vente et entretien de vos bateaux.
Notre atelier comporte un zone composites, un plancher de voilerie, ainsi qu'une zone sertissage - matelotage.

Personal details: Francis Ferrari, est présent sur de nombreuses régates en F18 ou Viper, et représente Goodall Design (AHPC) depuis de nombreuses années.
Toujours disponible sur pour vous dépanner ou conseiller sur les plans d'eau.

Sailfast - Francis Farrari

France, Plerin 22190, Terre plein de la ville Gillette

+33 950 903 227
+33 661 001 239


Sven Lindstädt

Germany, Norderstedt 22851, Segeberger Chaussee 212

+49 405 249 538



Hungary, Balatonfüred, Zákonyi Ferenc utca 88230

Hungary, Budapest, Karolina út 171113

+36 144 666 191


Tim Breen

+353 868 117 692


Giovanni Fantasia


Patrick van der Vorst

Netherlands, Rucphen 4715AG, Sint-Martinusstraat 15

+316 20 248 019

+31 65 341 258



Sweden, Saltsjö-Boo SE-132 23, c/o Jollespecialisten, Box 130, One Design Center

+46 87 492 466


H20 Sensations - Jean-Richard Minardi

Switserland, Bellevue - GE 1293, Chemin du Planet 1a

+41 788 922 525

United Kingdom

Windsports UK - Brian Phipps & Tom Phipps

Personal details: The Windsport team of Brian and Tom Phipps provide two generations of high performance catamaran sailing experience from club racing to Olympic squad training. Performance catamaran Sailing is a passion as much as a business for this Windsport team, sales, coaching and technical support provide a complete package from a team with a vast catamaran experience based alongside a superb sailing location with demonstration boats and technical support at their finger tips.
Share your catamaran plans with the Windsport team and we will help turn them into a reality.

United Kingdom, Cornwall TR11 5UF, Falmouth, Mylor Harbour

+441 326 376 191

Local sailing information: For detail on events and F16- Viper and F18 racing in the UK visit  or  or just contact us @ Windsport