Laurent Verbeeck

Passionate sailor since a kid, Laurent moved to the seaside at the age of 18 to start working in the sailing industry.
Since 2018, Laurent exercise the roll of CEO for Goodall Design.

Stef Haazen

Stef will be helping us with the production and distribution of the boats. He will be working in our headquarters in Belgium, planning and optimizing our way of working. This to ensure we can keep pushing the brand forward in every way. 
If you bump into him on the beach, don’t hesitate to ask him for tips or help. Stef will be happy to support you.


Brett Goodall

When Greg's eldest son, Brett, joined the business in 2009, his first duty was to CAD model Greg's newest F18 creation - the C2. Brett prepared the company to be ready for the 21st century. As a technical director, Brett makes sure our boats and parts are continuously updated so we can enjoy our sailing gear at a maximum.

Greg Goodall

In 1973 Greg Goodall built his first Mosquito Catamaran. In 1975, Greg bought a used sewing machine and a roll of cloth to make his own Goodall Yacht Sails. Goodall Sails quickly became known for their high performance and the 'G logo'. Almost 50 years later, Greg is still developing the best sails.

Sebbe Godefroid

Next to his excellent coach work with the youngsters, Sebbe works at the assembly and production facility in Belgium. His sailing experience and passion for the sport is endless.

Goodall Design Worldwide

The brand Goodall Design has it's origins in Australia. Since 2018, the HQ has moved to Europe / Belgium. Greg and Brett Goodall can now focus respectively on sail design and technical development and design. Laurent joins the team as commercial manager.
The ability to be based both in Europe and Australia makes Goodall Design ready to strengthen and continue his worldwide growth. In combination with a new Belgian investor, Goodall Design is ready to race!