Our sailing team is pretty picky when it comes to lines and we have put together a rope kit that is simple, strong and low-friction.

In conjunction with a local rope manufacturer, Goodall Design has developed our Speed Line to be the ultimate control line. Our Speed Line is comfortable to the hands, easy to cleat, low-stretch and has a long life span.

Speed Line is an 8 strand,single braid polly spec line that is brightly colour coded for different applications.

5mm Lightning Line is used on all control lines and tapered for spinnaker halyards, while 8mm is used on sheets. The biggest change noticed when moving to this line was the efficiently of it through blocks and cleats. Many sailors have now done away with tapered sheets.

On all other applications Goodall Design boats are supplied with a 12 plait Dyneema line. This is lightweight, strong and reduces block friction even further.


How to get the most out of your ropes

o Rinse with fresh water after use. Any build-up in the plait will stiffen the rope, making it harder to handle.

o Soak any new sheets in soapy water and rise before use. Lubrication is used during the manufacturing process and will make the rope slippery when new.

o Dyneema line will have to stretch in. Especially in high load applications, the weave and plait of the Dyneema lines will settle in for the first few uses, meaning you could have to adjust the length of the line. After this, the line will have very low stretch.