Batten Tension & Weights

Battens are shaped to match the curvature of the sail. Goodall Design supply custom desingned Fibrefoam battens for all our sails. These battens are a fiberglass foam sandwich construction that is light, strong and has excellent bend characteristics. 

With our current generation sails, it is important to run the heavy (stiff) batten sets in windier conditions. Stiff battens hold the sail flat and help to twist the sail more easily, reducing power.

Battens should be tied firmly to remove all creases along the batten pocket when sailing used firm tension for battens 4 to 7 and tight tension for the top 3. 

To tie your battens in and accurately control their tension use the method below:

Run the 2 ends of the tie in strings trough the hole in the batten, bottom to top, and return the ends through the top eyelet.

Separate the ends on either side and apply a half hitch around the tie in string.

Push the batten inwards with both thumbs, whilst keeping an end of the tie string in either hand. The half hitch will prevent the batten from coming loose again. When sufficient pressure has been applied, secure the tie in string with a reef knot on top of the half hitch. Feed the remaining ends back into the pocket.